A Whole Orchestra of Buffoons

One of my father’s theme relates to the fanciful figures. He started to draw those odd creatures at turn of the 60s and the starting point of this interest is connected to Linnanmäki Amusement Park which was founded in Helsinki a decade earlier. Simo was excited about this lively new area and did many drawing and painting excursions there, particularly around 1960.

At the same time informalism stranded to Finland affecting to artists shortly but strongly, including to my father. So he started passionately to produce new etching-softgrounds with all informalistic flavors. And right from this fresh start those transfigurated amusement park characters popped up into his prints. For some reason he kept on producing a whole orchestra of them during his life. It seems that inventing of those little critters was somehow rewarding. At 70s his buffoons moved towards plant and animal kingdoms and later got bold sexual attributes.


The Bold Jesters under The Sky (Julkeat ivailijat taivasalla), etching, soft ground, 1961


The Happy Tricksters on The Tightrope (Iloiset veijarit nuoralla), etching, soft ground, 1961


The Mystical Watchers (Mystiset katselijat), etching, 1970


The Fearless Scarecrows (Pelottomat pelätit), etching 1973


The Atmosphere Dance (Ilmapiiritanssi), litography 1971


The Animalia (Animalia), etching 1989


The Mutation March (Mutaatiomarssi), etching 1989


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