The Wooden Bridge

It was 1978 or 79 when Raimo Puustinen asked my father to substitute him as a teacher. Puustinen was teaching at Taik – The University on Art and Design Helsinki, which is nowadays The Aalto University – and needed someone to replace him for few weeks. My Father was happy to help him and they decided to meet and talk through the details.
So I went with father to meet Puustinen at Tarvaspää, a seaside area near Gallen-Kallela Museum. My interest was not to listen old fellows chatting but photographing, which was my hobby started few years earlier. The November morning was exceptionally cold and hovering mist over the open sea made the scenery surreal.

On that morning I took photo of a wooden bridge. Enclosed is a mirror image gravure I did of that same photo at 1996. The bridge was dismantled at 90s. The photo supported my father to carry out his ecthing A Summer Day by The Old Bridge.  Even the atmosphere on the picture is extremely summerlike the starting point was that cold November morning and two middle aged artists walking and talking back and forth over the bridge. Afterwards father was a little disappointed to his teachings at Taik because “present-day students are so lousy drawers”.


A Summer Day by The Old Bridge (Kesäpäivä vanhalla sillalla), etching 1979


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