Kennedy In Memoriam and other 60s’ stuff

My father wasn’t very active in politics or keen commentator of incidents that happened all over the world on turbulent decade of 1960s. His viewpoint on things was on more general ground, but he made few exceptions to this. J. F. Kennedy’s murder set him to do couple of melancholy prints to commemorate Kennedy and also to Dag Hammarskjöld who had died few years earlier in a plane crash. On these 1964 works he combines soft ground to etching and there is still a touch of informalism on his technique. My father was very much influenced by informalism in the beginning of 60s.


In Memoriam J.F Kennedy, etching and soft ground, 1964


In Memoriam Dag Hammarskjöld, etching and soft ground, 1964

Third work relates not any more to informalism but to the year 1968 and the invasion of Soviet tanks to Czechoslovakia. He was moved by those events and made an etching titled “Kammioidut” to give his support to Czechs. The Finnish title is combining the words chamber (or cage) and the idea of being detained. The Caged Ones is probably a good translation here, even there is no human beings at the stage. My personal opinion is that this print is one of his best works ever. It is just so masterfully executed, technique is controlled and everything well on balance.


The Caged Ones (Kammioidut), etching, 1968


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