Cars and the nature

In the beginning of 70s my father started to promote the idea of conservation of nature in his life and by his art. He did several works related to this theme. Enclosed echings (made 1973) are of that topic. The first one is The Quiet Parking Area (Hiljainen paikoitusalue). The second one is a bit tricky to translate because the finnish title “Kaatosaari” combines ideas of refuse dump and island. Maybe The Dump Island will serve the purpose here.



During 70s he didn’t have a driving license and there was no car in our family. He attended driving school at 80s and got the driving license when he was already more that 50 years old. That happened after he had divorced my mother and moved to Sammatti to a bit out-of-the-way place where he couldn’t cope with daily routines without his own car. Still “cars” were to him some sort of symbols of how mankind is raping the nature. He returned to this topic every now and then like with the work Back to The Nature (Takaisin luontoon) 1994. It’s one of the many his Pro Natura works.



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